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I’ve cultivated for many years an unconditional love for mysteries and thrillers. Today, this love has taken a new turn, as I’ve discovered the world of horror, urban fantasy and science fiction. My stories take place in an urban environment, in big metropolises such as New York City or Los Angeles. My plots are fantasy driven, with science fiction elements and a hint of horror. My writing revolves around darkness and love, and includes lots of symbolism, strong character development, and epic and ominous twists. As I explore the range of duality of principles in all the ideas that inspire my stories, my characters drive the Cadillac of my wild imagination, bending the plot to shifts and turns that are all at once jaw-dropping, mind-boggling and mesmerizing.


Stories from The Underworld is an anthology of nine horror short stories featuring zombies, psychopaths, frustrated New York City commuters in desperate need of an outlet, apocalypse survivors, brokenhearted teenagers, and thriving tattoo artists.

As dusk falls, the underworld of horror unravels, giving life to some deranged nightmares. New York City inspired me to write about human emotions reaching the ultimate threshold of pain, pleasure, death and after-death. If you like horror, with a hint of erotica, and don’t mind a bit of foul language, then that anthology is for you!

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Genre: YA Contemporary with a Paranormal twist!
Published November 2014
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To the average onlooker, the city of Los Angeles represents glitz, glamour, and the celebrity lifestyle. But to seventeen-year-old Julie Jones, the city is a vast host of problems she’s longing to get away from. The latest? An unfortunate disagreement with her ex-boyfriend Mark—one that could land her in some serious hot water.

So rather than face the troubles that torment her, Julie decides to run away from her old life and start fresh somewhere new. But her parents aren’t on board with the plan, and she soon finds her bank accounts frozen and her wallet empty.

With just seventy-five dollars and a full tank of gas, the troubled teen is far too stubborn to turn around and head home. So what’s a girl to do?

What Julie doesn’t know is that her travels are about to take her somewhere unexpected—a place where she’ll be forced to come face to face with the ghosts of her past in order to secure her future.

A tale of redemption, hope, and freedom lost and found, 32 Seconds is a thought-provoking exploration into the human spirit and the nature of forgiveness.

32 Seconds Testimonials

“Johanna Pitcairn’s 32 Seconds is a wonderful book. She has created an uneasy, thoughtful, and profound story”
Melissa M. on Goodreads

“This book definitely falls into the category of books that not only entertain us but also leaves a long-term positive impact on our lives”.
Priti on Goodreads

“Every teen and parent should read this book. “32 Seconds” teaches how to win”.
Randy on Amazon

“In some ways, “32 Seconds” can be read as a post-modern memoir steeped in a sort of Dante-cum-Freud way. But in others, it stands alone as simply a story. A darned relevant one. Not merely for teens, but for all of us who have once been a teen.”
John on Amazon

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